Frequently Asked Questions

KITSD, Luba’s Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating Kit that comes with a Delrin kistky. 

Yellow, go from lightest to darkest. 

With use, they will eventually become weaker in color. You can use the dyes until they are too light for your needs. 

Usually there is a residue on the egg and they need to be cleaned properly, BEFORE you start the dye baths. 

To clean an egg: Unwashed farm fresh eggs are always best. Store bought eggs will work with proper preparation. Clean your eggs with water and vinegar. Do NOT use soap. You can use one quarter cup of vinegar with a quart of water. (approximately) Soak the eggs for five minutes, then gently pat them dry. 

Spaghetti wax is preferred, but you can also use wax squares. We recommend purchasing the Wire on a Stick (WONS) for cleaning the kistky as needed. 

Rinsing the egg in water between dye baths will make the colors more vibrant.

First, heat the kistka over your flame for no more than 5 seconds, then gently push the tip into some wax. Heat it again, and tap the large end of the kistka to get the wax out. You can also use our wire on a stick (WONS) by placing it into the small end of the kista tip towards the large end and pushing the clog out.